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Document description

Publication Statement

Last Manuscriptorium process date: 20.9.2010

Basic information

Settlement: Plzeň

Repository: Knihovna Západočeského muzea v Plzni

Idno: 510 B 005

Title: Antiphonarium

Date of Origin: 16. stol.


Text Language: latina

Antiphonarium - de tempore, officium sanctae Trinitatis, in primo nocturno

Fol. 1r. in primo nocturno ant. Te unum in substancia Trinitatem in personis confitemur .

Fol. 1v. Responsorium: Benedicat nos Deus, Deus noster, benedicat nos Deus . versus Deus misereatur nostri et benedicat

Písmo: 1 ruka gothica formata

Původní folio LVII.

Physical Description

Object Description

Support Description




1 fol.


53,5 x 36,5 cm

Music Notation

kvadratická na linkách

Decoration Description

Decoration Note