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Document description

Publication Statement

Idno: BUTE_85211

Last Manuscriptorium process date: 8.8.2013

Basic information

Country: Hungary

Settlement: Budapest

Repository: The Budapest University of Technology and Economics

Idno: 85.211

Title: A születésnél nagyon hasznos irányok és eredetek táblái, a híres németi Johannes Regiomontanus mestertől

Title: Tabulae directionum profectionumque famosissimi viri Magistri Joannis germani de Regiomonte in nativitatibus multum utiles

Title: Tables of directions and origins, by the most famous German Master Joannis Regiomontane, for use in connection with birth.




Csillagászati naptár, amely táblázatokban mutatja be az égitestek pályáját, keringését és elhajlását; ezenkívül naptárt ad az 1475- től 1515-ig terjedő időszakra.


His Tabulae directionum, completed in Hungary, were designed for astrological use and contained a discussion of different ways of determining astrological houses. It presents also a calendar covering the years 1475 to 1515

Responsibility Statement

Responsibility: Other, Egyéb

Name: Johannes Angelus

Responsibility Statement

Responsibility: Printer, Nyomdász

Name: Erhard Ratdolt

Author: Johannes Regiomontanus



Date of Origin: 1490(1490)