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Manoscriti qui in theca Batthyanyana (-8192 records)

The Batthyaneum Library, a branch of the National Library of Romania, is located in Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvàr/Alba Carolina Carlsburg/ Weissenburg), a fortified city and capital in the medieval period and unique residence for the Catholic bishops of Transylvania. Housed in a former church of the Trinitarian Order, the Batthyaneum Library contains, in addition to book collections, historical archives and museum collections. The Library was founded at the end of the 18th century by Count Ignatius of Batthyan, Bishop of Transylvania from 1780 – 1789, himself a scholar, historian and astronomer. Perfectly attuned to the spirit of his century, he tried through his work to unite science with faith. Batthyàny acquired the most important collection, over 8,000 volumes, from the Viennese Archbishop Christophoro Migazzi, and it included medieval parchment manuscripts, many of them illuminated, of rare historical and aesthetic value. The international reputation of the Batthyaneum Library rests in particular on this collection, though many of the 18,200 volumes belonging to the library are unique or extremely rare.