Digitised Manuscripts of the National Library of the Czech Republic

Almost all the newly available documents come from the holdings of the National Library of the Czech Republic. In terms of content, the manuscripts vary in their focus. Theological and evangelistic literature is predominant, but texts from the spheres of philosophy and natural sciences are also included. In thematic terms, a number of them record works by Czech authors active in the intellectual environment of the University of Prague, in the Czech reform movement of the second half of the 14th century and the15th century and the Hussite era, both supporters and opponents of the Hussites (texts by Matěj z Janova in MS IX E 2, Vojtěch Raňkov z Ježova in codices I F 9 and X A 2, Štěpán z Kolína in VIII E 21 and XII C 13, Jakoubek ze Stříbra in V E 22 and VII E 6, Stanislav ze Znojma in IV G 26, and Jan Hus in X D 1). Publicistic and diplomatic sources for events connected with the proceedings of the Council of Constance are included in MS X F 10 and XI D 5. As for other branches of knowledge, there are commentaries on the Ethics of Aristotle (V A 20) and the poem De viribus herbarum (IX E 14), deriving from the environment of the University of Prague; an important source, as yet not fully exploited by researchers, is codex VIII E 5, a collection of questiae and university discourses. IV G 2, a collection of astronomical and mathematics texts created in the post-Hussite era,  probably served as the textbook of Václav Koranda the younger. A special sub-category is represented by manuscripts from the former Prague Lobkowicz Library, including breviaries originating in the Convent of St George at Prague Castle and certain manuscripts on ecclesiatical and land law, which are now available. One bundle of manuscripts and inculabula from the holdings of the Scientific Library in Olomouc has also been digitised.