Create new documents

We support the creation of new metadata for existing digital content. If you need descriptive and structural metadata for your digitised images or if you want to produce stable and mutually compatible digital documents based on TEI P5 XML, then you can use our dedicated form-based editor: M-Tool On-line.

Use of non-standard characters and glyphs

The ENRICH Gaiji Bank is now available for use. Rare characters and glyphs (frequent when using ancient languages) can be now used in the metadata describing your documents.
Go to Gaiji Bank

Convert metadata on-line

Use the ENRICH Garage Engine (EGE) to convert metadata between various formats on-line.

Import your TEI P5 documents

If you produce your digitised documents using the TEI P5 ENRICH metadata schema, then you can pass the documents for import direct to Manuscriptorium using the dedicated import interface. If you use a different metadata format, contact us in order to set up an individual method of cooperation.