M-Tool is a tool  designed for the creation of complex digital documents in the sphere of written cultural heritage.  It is suitable especially for providing access to manuscripts and old printed boks. M-Tool is a  spreadsheet application with concise descriptions of the content of individual fields, thus enabling all cataloguers of historical resources to create a digital document without the need for experience of XML languages or of working with current XML editors.

Documents created with M-Tool are created in XML TEI P5 format. Under the ENRICH project all Manuscriptorium documents were converted to this format, suitable for the representation of historic documents. Documents created with M-Tool thus satisfy the technical requirements for import to Manuscriptorium and they can also form the basis for further editing and free extension of the description using any other XML document editing tool.

In addition to the rich field structure template for the description of physical properties and content of the document, M-Tool also enables automatic generation of hyperlinks (structural metadata) linking the descriptive part of the digital document with the structure of the images – the digital representation of individual pages or folia of the original physical document.

M-Tool can also be used to create a virtual document, the editing of which is one of the facilities offered by My library.