Licence Agreement for use of the Manuscriptorium database

  1. Manuscriptorium data is protected by copyright law under statute no. 121/2000 Sb incorporating the latest addenda and supplementary legislation and by the provisions of international copyright agreements, as well as by further intellectual property laws and treaties.
  2. This licence agreement gives the non-exclusive right to its use in extent and manner specified by this agreement. Users have the right to use Manuscriptorium data in accordance with its intended purpose (i.e. for their personal needs, for internal requirements and study purposes on the library premises).
  3. Manuscriptorium data or any part thereof, in original or any adapted form, may not be reproduced, distributed, hired out, loaned, sold, licensed or transferred by any means whatsoever, distributed in separate products or conveyed to the public through any media whatsoever.
  4. The provider (The National Library of the Czech Republic) reserves exclusive rights pertaining to Manuscriptorium data. This right does not restrict the rights of users in respect of their own data contributed to Manuscriptorium.
  5. Persons using Manuscriptorium data are obliged to respect copyright law and they bear personal responsibility for any infringement.
  6. The provider (The National Library of the Czech Republic) declares that the data contained in Manuscriptorium is in unchanged form, as submitted to Manuscriptorium. All data is provided "as is", with no guarantee by the provider. Neither the provider nor the subjects who provided the basis for the creation of Manuscriptorium accept responsibility for the quality, authenticity or condition of the stored data or for any legal or factual faults. They are not responsible for any damage caused to third parties arising from the use of Manuscriptorium.